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Diagnosis addition: three speeds of ALS – fast progressing which normally starts in the upper body – not us! Slow progressing – which starts in the feet and is very slow in movement- not us either. Our ALS is fast but started in the feet. It can be slowed for 3 months with meds but it is insidious and shall steal her life. We hope in Christ to show the Drs that there is a God


September 1, 2021 at 9:11 pm

Maria and I are praying daily for Dave ‘N’ Celia. We have not received or read any recent updates re Celia, and have been out of communication significantly, as we sold our Missouri home and are RV traveling full time. We may need technology advising from Dave! We look forward to reconnecting with our dear old friends! 627-297-8844

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Miracle drug or mystery

September 4, 2020