Miracle drug or mystery

We just received this note:

As you may have heard over the past 24 hours, phase 2 clinical trial results have shown that a new drug “slowed ALS progression in a statistically meaningful and clinically relevant way.”

The ALS Association, which supported the development of AMX0035, writes that it “could mean the difference between a person with ALS being able to feed themselves versus being fed, or the difference between needing a wheelchair versus not needing one.”

AMX0035 is an oral therapy dissolved in water and is considered safe. It is not available to the public because it has not yet undergone a phase 3 trial.

The ALS Association and I AM ALS have created a petition to ask the FDA and drugmaker to forgo the phase 3 trial and make it available to people living with ALS as soon as possible

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August 30,2020

August 30, 2020

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September 10, 2020