August 30,2020

The Journey continues. Spent a lot of time thinking this week about how we choose to live our time together. Celia announced that she has read a number of articles about survivors of ALS and the length of time they survive after being diagnosed. She said: “I choose to live 10 more years at least.” If survival was up to our will we would always choose more. Love that lady. We started to make long term plans based upon her desire for just a little bit more. 

Found that there is an ALS clinic in Ft. Myers and we signed up for it. A certified ALS clinic is place where a group of medical professionals plan a cooperative strategy of treatment for the patient and their family. They asked us a significant number of questions to get a lead on what we are dealing with prior to our meeting in September. We are so glad that they recognize the importance of treating the whole family and not just the patient. It makes a huge difference in the family dynamics. 

Modifications to our living arrangements continue. We have acquired more modes of transportation, installed more grab bars, modified our vehicles as we adjusted to the new normal. In just over a week we will be back in Florida to begin working with the clinic team. The final Dr appointment in WV is next week. 

In the middle of this all we continue to work in helping those we serve with transformational tools. Celia has taken on our Africa online class for training teachers with Murriell McCulley. She is in her element and is loving thinking through the materials that will benefit so many. I, David, continue to receive requests for help with internet based services. Grateful for the ability to work from where ever we are. Transformational Technology services like iClassrooms are making a difference. 

BTW – I plan to post each Sunday for as long as we can.

DavenCelia – your missionaries providing Transformational Tech Globally.

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